For the next week or so, I'll be in the process of moving to another place just down the street. Hopefully it won't take long and I can get all the services transferred as well. This just means I likely won't be available to sort out issues that may arise while I'm moving.

Recently, I've also gotten the forums running, so I'd like to see people start signing up on it. This only requires an email. I don't use emails for the website, although the forums require it since it uses it to identify users. The emails need to be verified (so that no one will claim my email or another admins, etc), which simply involves sending a code to your email that you type in after you provide your email. For those of you concerned about security, emails are encrypted before being stored using AES-256 encryption so that emails are not stored as plain text. After setting your email, they are only used during the authentication process when logging into the forums.

If there's a problem with this process, you can leave me a message on the server or on Discord. I'll try to fix it as soon as I'm settled.

I have some plans to add a plugin or two to the server soon that players may enjoy. I'll post more about those when I install them.

Server Status