I'm finally moved into the new place, so I should have a bit more time to do things now, but I don't have internet moved here until Saturday; I'm using cellular data tethering in the mean time. I've been told that the login system isn't working, I'll try to debug that as soon as I can. Also, I've been working on a new logo. Although I'm not entirely displeased with the old one, it's strongly associated with Minecraft given the grass block design. Instead, I'd like to try another design:

Click the image for full size. This design is inspired by the electron configuration of a Carbon atom (the arrangement of electrons in the various electron shells around the nucleus of an atom). This is a rudimentary design, and I may alter it, but I prefer simpler logo designs so that it can be scaled down or printed relatively easily. In the lower left corner is a version of the logo modified for smaller icons and such. I'm open to suggestions!

I mentioned in the previous post I intended to add some plugins. Firstly, the simplest one, is just a custom crafting recipe plugin. I had coded one myself as part of a larger plugin, but it broke when 1.12 came around, so being replaced with another plugin since I'm having trouble finding time to fix my plugin. Now you can 'uncraft' snow blocks, prismarine blocks/bricks, wool, and clay block into their components. Otherwise, here are the recipes I've added so far:

Secondly, I've found a plugin called SafariNet. If you're familiar with the safari net mod, then you already know about what this is. This adds a craftable item (which is a spawn egg by default) which will allow you to right click a mob to capture it and allow you to place it again later. This is something I've wanted for a while, hoping it works alright. It'll need some additional configuration before I can add the permission for everyone to use it, but expect it to be available soon. There are two recipes. One will craft a single use net, the other will craft a reusable net. Here are the recipes:

And lastly, I've added McMMO back. This means players can start leveling skills and using abilities again. I believe I've configured it differently this time, however. Now, every skill will cap at level 500 and the leveling calculation is now exponential, meaning that it'll take longer to gain levels the higher level you are. Also, a few perks have been re-added. This time around, I've attempted to completely disable any experience boosting perks. Instead, there are only two perks available. For Steel+ ranks, ability cooldowns are halved. For Platinum+ ranks, ability duration is extended by four seconds. Hopefully this will make the competition for the highest level skills more fair for donors. McMMO also adds two new craftable items. Firstly, the Chimaera Wing: right click with it to teleport you to your home if used outdoors (crafted with 5 feathers in any shape). Secondly, the Flux Pickaxe: a pick which has a chance to automatically smelt ores when mined if the player has reached smelting skill of 250 (crafted by cooking a pickaxe in a furnace).


Luffy (Thu) Jul 13, 2017 11:30 PM

I've changed the power cap level (was unaware this was different from skill levels), and since the effect skill levels have on abilities caps at 1000, I've raised skill level caps to 1000 as well.
Speedynate (Thu) Jul 13, 2017 02:54 AM

I had a comment on the leveling system for the McMMO. You set the skill cap for each skill to 500, but when you hit the power level to 500. All skills stop leveling, so next time you are able to edit the plugins can you look at the McMMO plugin please.

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