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Server Ranks: Updated Nov. 19th, 2016

There are several groups of ranks. When you join, you'll be placed into the starting rank: Initiate. By supporting the server, either via voting or by purchasing a paid rank, you can obtain a supporter rank. All supporter ranks can also be obtained without using real currency. Vote-attained ranks can ONLY be obtained by voting. These offer a sense of progression for new users joining the server and are automatically granted once the user has voted the required amount. For the paid ranks, you can use points (Carbits) instead of real currency. Carbits are accrued primarily by voting, but these ranks are not automatically granted. Note that you can only accrue Carbits if you've linked your account on the server with your website account!

Staff ranks are exclusive to those members assigned to help maintain the server. If applications are enabled, you can apply for Moderator (not Admin) on the forums. Moderators do not inherit any perks from supporter ranks, only those applicable to moderating the server. Staff ranks also don't have symbols as prefixes to make sure that players can recognize these ranks.

Admins are selected by the owner and founder. Admins are only selected if they're well trusted and can help manage aspects of the server beyond the scope of Moderators.

Initiate Default rank

Rank Desc Votes Price Carbits
Neon First tier vote-attained rank 6 -- --
Steel Second tier vote-attained rank 14 -- --
Platinum First tier paid rank -- $20 500
Carbon Second tier paid rank -- $30 750

[Mod] Moderator Helps players and monitors illegal mods. First line of defense for enforcing rules.
[Admin] Admin Manages events and more technical aspects of the server.

[Founder] Founder Reserved for FordRacer2007, the founder of Team-Carbon.
[Owner] Owner Reserved for OffLuffy, the current owner of Team-Carbon.

[VIP] VIP Legacy donator rank. No longer obtainable or generally updated.

Rank Permissions